The cannabis plant (and its almost 500 known metabolites) has been used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years. Yet for the past century it has been plagued with legal obstacles that restricted researchers from performing cannabis R&D. As a result, cannabis has not benefitted from modern technological breakthroughs and suffers from crop-related challenges and a lack of industry standardization. We believe the genetic secrets of this ancient medicinal plant need to be unlocked in order to realize its true potential, and we’re just the team to do it.



Anandia Labs (Anandia) is the emerging leader in cannabis genetics building off the cutting-edge plant science work begun by Co-Founder, President & CEO, Dr. Jonathan Page 15 years ago. Dr. Page is the first scientist to sequence the cannabis genome and make fundamental discoveries about THC biosynthesis. With our world-leading intellectual property (IP) position today, we use modern plant breeding approaches and genomics to create next-generation cannabis strains optimized to address grower and patient challenges. We also continue to contribute to the evolution of the cannabis industry on the whole by helping partners through shared knowledge, analytical and genomic testing services, and technology platforms.



The track record of our founding team specifically in cannabis R&D is unparalleled placing us at an advantage relative to other companies entering the cannabis technology space.

Jonathan Page, Ph.D., President & CEO

Dr. Page is an internationally-recognized pioneer in cannabis plant biochemistry and genetics with extensive knowledge of cannabinoid biosynthesis. He co-led the team that first sequenced the cannabis genome and has published over 35 relevant papers. He’s a sought after industry speaker and continues to be an Adjunct Professor in the Botany Department at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

John Coleman, Ph.D., Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Coleman is a natural products chemist and experienced research and commercialization executive who headed the team identifying new drug leads from the Centre for Drug Research & Discovery (CDRD). He previously worked in business and clinical development at Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals, and during his doctoral work at UBC, made discoveries that were developed to Phase 2 clinical trials by Wyeth (now Pfizer).

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